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The Fox and Hounds


Address: 11087-11099 FRUITLAND DR
The Fox and Hounds (STUDIO CITY)
CA, 91604


Take pleasure in inviting your visitors and friends to our establishment where they can be assured of good faire, fine wines and ales, and a hearty welcome... In 1997, The Fox and Hounds was created to attract patrons that enjoy warmth, comfort and the friendly surroundings of a uniquely British tavern. In the middle ages, considerable efforts were made to control drinking places. They were clearly defined: an ale house only sold drink; a tavern offered food as well; and an inn offered food, drink and accommodation. Overall, the Fox and Hounds can be characterized as a tavern serving traditional English dishes such as fish and chips, sausage and mash, and pot pies. We also offer a considerable list of imported ales, fine wines, and other traditional English faire.

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Phone Number:  818 763 7976
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